Why do I need a Web Designer?

As far as I can tell there are two ways to ask this question. “WHY do I need a web designer?” and “Why do I need a web designer?”. I deduce that the person asking the latter of these questions most likely has a computer at home or in their office that they use every […] Read More

How to succeed with your client relationships

Right…Relationships. Mary Poppins once said: “In ev’ry job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! The job’s a game”. While this is true (it must be true, it was in a musical) there are also plenty of elements that are anything but fun in many of […] Read More

The Tao of the Graphic Designer – my creative journey

It all started a pretty long time ago… way back in 1994 would you believe! I was 11 years old and decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. I had recently started my new secondary school, not the best I will  grant you that, but the place that would start my journey down the […] Read More

Image Is Everything! What does your brand say about you?

Branding is a massive part of of who we are. How you dress, the things you like, the way you present yourself, these all make up our own personal brand. As a business it becomes your logo, corporate colours, your website. In a digital age these are the things we use to tell the world […] Read More